Imagination Library

Ohio Governor's Imagination Library comes to Trumbull County!

United Way of Trumbull County now offers the Ohio Governor's Imagination Library to residents of Trumbull County. 
Started by Dolly Parton, the Imagination Library is supported in Ohio by Governor Mike DeWine and first lady Fran DeWine.

Through the Ohio Governor's Imagination Library, your child will receive a FREE age-appropriate book mailed directly to their home each month until their fifth birthday.  This program allows your child to accumulate a free, personal library to help develop the skills necessary to be ready for school. 
All families in Trumbull County with children birth to age five are eligible to enroll.

What Are My Responsibilities?

  • Must reside in Trumbull County.

  • Complete and submit an official registration form (online or by mail).

  • Notify United Way of Trumbull County any time your address changes.  Books are mailed to the address listed at the time of registration.  If the child's address changes at any time, you must contact United Way of Trumbull County in order to continue receiving books.

  • Most importantly!  Read with your child and help your child discover the love of reading!

When Will Books Begin to Arrive?

Your child's first book will arrive 8 to 10 weeks after your registration has been received.  Books are mailed directly to your home in your child's name and will continue to arrive monthly until your child reaches the age of five or you move out of the covered area.

Register Online:

Submit the official Imagination Library registration form online or by mail.

​Register Your Child Online to Receive Free Books!

Register By Mail:

Print the official Imagination Library registration form and register by mail.

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How You Can Support the Imagination Library Program in Trumbull County:

IMAGINE if every child in Trumbull County entered school ready to learn and with a love of reading. Your help will ensure children who reside in Trumbull County enter kindergarten ready to succeed in the classroom and beyond.  

  • Every child should have books in their home. The Ohio Governor's Imagination Library makes that easy and free. Starting at birth, your child can receive up to a 60-volume set of books beginning with the children’s classic The Little Engine That Could.  Register Today!

  • Do you have a know of a child under the age of five who resides in Trumbull County who is not receiving a children’s book from the Ohio Governor's Imagination Library? The United Way of Trumbull County wants to put books in every child’s hand from birth to age five at no cost to the child or family.  When you tell them about this FREE program, you will make a huge difference in their child’s future and the future of our community.​

  • If you know of a business, organization or individual who would like to donate funds to support the Ohio Governor's Imagination Library program for children living in Trumbull County, please ask them to mail their donation to United Way of Trumbull County, c/o Imagination Library, 3601 Youngstown Road, S.E., Warren, Ohio 44484, or to make a donation online by clicking the link below.