Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The McKinley Memorial Library embarked on a strategic planning process in order to propel the Library successfully into the future. An expanded focus on building connections between people and on supporting community needs and aspirations was instrumental in the consideration of the Library’s future. Already perceived as the physical center of the community, the Library desires to be the anchor of the community, impacting the lives of those they serve through the provision of relevant spaces, programs and services. Conversations were held at all levels of the organization, and the plan reflects these discussions. The FY2022-2024 strategic plan provides a framework for celebrating the history of the community, meeting the needs of today and preparing to fulfill future aspirations.

The strategic plan is organized around four overarching strategic goals, each supported by strategic objectives and action items. The plan serves as a template for decision-making and the effective allocation of resources. Most importantly, the FY2022-2024 strategic plan upholds the Library’s new mission and values while supporting its vision to be “the always evolving centerpiece of Niles, connecting people to each other and to the ideas of the past, present and future.” 

Our Future: Strategic Goals

1.  Ensure that Library infrastructure supports current and future 
     community needs and aspirations.

2.  Impact lives through responsive programming and services. 

3.  Expand partnerships for maximum community effectiveness.

4.  Deepen the community’s awareness of the Library.

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