Behavior and Conduct Policy

The McKinley Memorial Library is committed to providing a consistently secure and supportive environment for use of its resources and services. To maintain an atmosphere appropriate for work, study and enjoyment for all Library patrons and staff, the Board of Trustees has established the following policy on behavior in the Library and on Library property. This policy will be courteously, but firmly, enforced by Library staff.

Inappropriate activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Disruptive behavior which interferes with the intended use of the Library
  • Threatening or harassing other patrons or Library staff members either verbally or physically; harassment may include using profanity or abusive language, initiating unwanted conversations, staring unnecessarily, or impeding access to/from the building
  • Fighting, challenging to fight, physically assaulting or abusing anyone on Library premises
  • Abuse, misuse, damage, or vandalism of Library materials, furnishings or equipment
  • Theft or attempted theft of Library property or the property of others
  • Interfering with the access to or use of Library facilities
  • Running, throwing objects, sleeping, excessive socializing, or loitering
  • Eating; drinking beverages without a closable lid; drinking beverages at the computers
  • Using or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs; smoking; or vaping
  • Improper use or destruction of Library resources or facilities, such as bathing, shaving, washing hair or clothes in public restrooms; moving furniture; putting feet on the furniture; any use which is likely to cause personal injury to others
  • Petitioning and distributing non-Library-approved materials in the Library, proselytizing, panhandling, soliciting, selling
  • Inappropriate use of Library computers (Also see Computer Use Policy and Internet Use Policy)
  • Unreasonable noise, including use of audio equipment at a level that is disruptive to others
  • Stashing materials for exclusive use
  • Ongoing use of the Library as place of commercial business
  • Bringing a weapon into the Library (except law enforcement officers)
  • Engaging in or soliciting any sexual act; indecent exposure
  • Excessive displays of affection
  • Entering nonpublic areas without permission
  • Using emergency exits other than during an emergency
  • Failure to follow emergency instruction from staff
  • Leaving one or more children under the age of 12 or vulnerable adults, who reasonably appear to be unattended, on Library premises. (Also see Child Safety Policy)
  • Bringing animals inside the Library, with the exception of service animals
  • Entering the Library without footwear or a shirt or otherwise attired to be disruptive to the Library environment
  • Offensive and pervasive odor
  • Recreational use of bicycles, roller blades, skates or similar items

Exceptions to this policy may be made for Library-authorized events or functions.

Violation of the Library’s Behavior and Conduct in the Library policy may result in the violator being banned from the Library. Based on the offense, the Library Director will determine whether a warning or suspension is warranted. In the Director’s absence, the Director can designate another individual to determine whether a warning or suspension is warranted. A juvenile who creates chronic problems may be required to bring a parent/guardian/caregiver who will remain with them in the Library.

Revised and approved by the McKinley Memorial Library Board of Trustees on September 8, 2022.