1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

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Help prepare your child for kindergarten by reading to them early and often. Studies show that reading is the most effective way to prepare children for learning. Parents and caregivers are children's first teachers. Reading to young children helps them build vocabulary, learn letters, develop narrative skills, and more. Sign your child up today for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, and let us help you prepare your child for school!

Who can participate?
Any child may participate in the program from the time they are born until they enter Kindergarten.

How does the program work?

  • The library uses Beanstack for this program as well as our other reading challenges, including 100 Books Before College, Summer Reading, and Winter Reading. To register for the program, create a Beanstack account for your family. Be sure to add your child as a reader. If you need help registering, visit the Children's Room anytime during open hours. Check out the Beanstack app available at the App Store and Google Play.
  • Once you sign up, visit the Children's Room for three free board books as our gift to you.
  • Use your Beanstack account to log the books your family reads. If you prefer, you can pick up a paper log from the Children's Room to track your reading.
  • You can count the same book multiple times! We all know children have their favorite books that they love reading over and over again - and that is great! You can count the same book each time you read it.
  • Books shared during library storytimes count toward your 1,000 books!
  • For every 100 books read, your child will earn an online badge in Beanstack and a free book that can be picked up from the Children's Room or via Curbside. 
  • After reading 1,000 books, your child will earn a certificate of completion and a keepsake book.
  • As you complete activities on Beanstack, we encourage you to post them to social media using the hashtag #MML1000Books

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